About Us - Alohas Sandals

About Us

Alohas Sandals are traditional sandals from an island located in the Balearic Islands called Menorca, Spain. Historically, the rural inhabitants of Menorca wore them because they were very durable, perfectly versatile for the country landscape, and supportive for the warm and long journeys in the fields.

Traditionally, the sandals have been handcrafted with the highest quality leather materials for the straps and recycled car tires for the sole. Both materials perfectly fitted the necessities of the land workers for a durable, comfortable, and sustainable sandal.

Made in Spain. 

Nowadays, with a group of designers in Barcelona, we designed Alohas Sandals with new colors and styles while keeping the same manufacturing tradition and techniques of our ancestors. Alohas brings together modern style and lively colors with the same high standards of quality that were used by past generations. 

Designed in Barcelona. 

During our personal experience in Hawaii we fell in love with the Hawaiian lifestyle, taking care of the aina (land), living in a sustainable way, and spreading the aloha. 

Inspired in Hawaii.